Friday, July 6, 2012

Business Communication and Selling

Selling is basic to business, and not only in persuading external customers to buy. In all business situations, you use established sales techniques to gain the agreement of others, enlist support, obtain resources, and overcome any position.

Soft Selling:   All good selling is "soft'' you seek to establish a need and promise to fulfill that that need.You can use this approach at work, and adapt your "sales pitch'' to suit the situation. Techniques Include: 
  * Exploring a situation by using questions and listening, rather making statements;
  * Letting others reply, even at the price of pause;
  * Showing sympathetic understanding if you encounter resistance-but persevering until the other person  accepts your view.

Hard Selling: The old fashioned hard-sell method works by putting people on the spot and forcing them to make a decision. If you are trying to implement an idea at work , be positive and use hard selling when get close to a deal. hard-sell tactics include:

 * Making a ''final, final offer;

* Stressing lot of opportunity 

* Emphasizing a competitive situation  

* Making a hard, clear proposition;

* Pressing for immediate agreement.

Selling By Written Words: 
Using written documents to sell - whether you are trying to sell a product by mail or are ''selling'' a proposal to colleague - follows some apparently paradoxical rules. For instance, in direct marketing to outsiders, long letters markedly outsell short ones. however ,when sending internal memos, short documents are more effective. Long or short, explain at the beginning   of the document why you are writing. Gain the readers' interest, keep to the point, make case convincing, and end with a concise, clear and positive summary.

Utilizing Computers : The personal computer has evolved as a powerful sales aid. For example, you can store the names and addresses of potential customers on a database, and even call up files relating to a client while you are talking to them on the phone. Having facts on screen can make you more efficient and help you close a deal. Computers are particularly useful for selling financial services; when details of a buyer's finances are input, many programs will generate personalized proposals.