Monday, January 21, 2013

Why Some Partners Remain In Harassing And Intimidating Relationships

Fear:  Your buddy may be scared of what will occur if they choose to keep the relationship. If your buddy has been confronted by their associate family and close ones, they may wish to not leave instantly.

Considering ill-treatment as common Thing: If your buddy does not know what a proper and balanced relationship should looks like, perhaps from increasing up in an atmosphere where abuse was typical, they may not identify that their relationship is  abusive.

Believing Abuse is Normal: If your friend doesn’t know what a healthy relationship looks like, perhaps from growing up in an environment where abuse was common, they may not recognize that their relationship is unhealthy.

Worry of Being Outed: If your buddy is in same-sex relationship and has not yet come out to everyone, their partner may  pressurize them of exposing the secrets between them.   Being outed may scare some people –especially the teenagers who are just starting to discover their sex.

Embarrassment: It’s probably hard for your buddy to confess that they have been ill-treated. They may feel they have done something wrong by becoming engaged with, harassing associate. They may also worry that their friends and family will judge them.

Love: Your buddy may remain in an harassing relationship expecting that their addict will modify their ways. Think about it -- if an individual you really like informs you they will change, you want to believe them-Your buddy may only want the assault to quit, not for the relationship to end entirely. Pressure

Low Self-esteem: If your friend’s partner constantly puts them down and blames them for the abuse, it can be easy for your friend to believe those statements and think that the abuse is their fault.

Collective/Peer Pressure: If the addict is well-known, it can be difficult for an individual to tell their buddies for worry that no one will believe them or that everyone will take the abuser's part.

Cultural/Religious Reasons: customary gender roles can make it difficult for young women to admit to being sexually active and for young men to admit to being abused. Also, your friend’s culture or religion may influence them to stay rather than end the relationship for fear of bringing shame upon their family.

Pregnancy/Parenting: Your buddy may feel pressure to raise their children with both parents together, even if that means staying in an abusive relationship. Also, the abusive partner may intimidate to take or harm the children if your friend leaves.