Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reason You Should Never Confront The Other Woman

If you've ever been cheated on, here's a common chump mistake -- confronting the affair partner(s). Maybe you did this. Maybe you agonized about doing this. Maybe you're still waiting to come up with the perfect withering remark to deliver along with your poisoned umbrella tip. Let me spare you the trouble -- don't go there.
I know you want to tell them off, but it's futile for a variety of reasons.
1. They have no shame. Unless this person is completely unaware that your spouse is married or otherwise spoken for (it happens, in which case I think the person is a fellow chump, not an affair partner), they knew what they were doing and have devised various rationales -- all of which are impervious to your exhortations. The most common rationale is that you are sexless and crazy. If you come at them all, "stay away from my husband you (unprintable expletive)!" -- you're going to validate their assumptions. You're nuts.

Worse, if you come at them all classy -- appealing to their sense of shared humanity and common decency -- they will delight in their superiority. You poor pathetic chump, begging for your marriage. Can't you see you're dealing with an uber being? One more charismatic and sexier than you? How could one as dim and sexless as you understand someone as compelling as them? You cannot. This is bigger than us both. Their love cannot be denied. You are too feeble minded to comprehend this. Don't make me explain it to you. read more