Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Exposure to Natural Sun light May Decrease Threat of Impressive Breasts Cancer metastasizing cancer By Half

The scientists found that females with extra sun exposure – had half the risk of developing advanced cancer malignancy of the breasts, which is cancer malignancy that has spread beyond the breasts, compared to females with low sun exposure. These conclusions were noticed only for females with naturally light appearance The study defined high sun exposure as having dark skin on the forehead, an area that is usually exposed to sunlight.

The experts used a portable reflect meter to measure appearance on the armpit skin color, an area that is usually not directly revealed to the sun light. Based on these dimensions, they classified the females as having light, method or dark natural appearance. Scientists then compared between females with cancer malignancy of the breasts and those without cancer malignancy of the breasts. Sun visibility was assessed as the difference in appearance between the armpit and the brow

In females with normally light skin tones, the team without cancer malignancy of the breasts had significantly more  than the team with cancer malignancy of the breasts. The fact that this change took place only in one team indicates that the impact was due to variations in in Vitamin D production — and wasn’t just because the females were tired and unable to go outdoors. In addition, the impact held true regardless of whether cancer malignancy was clinically diagnosed in the summer or in the winter. The change was seen only in females with innovative disease, indicating that Vitamin  D may be important in reducing the growth of cancer malignancy of the breasts tissues.