Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Few key words to win a girl’s heart

Let me key you in to some few words you can tell a girl to win her heart. Keep in thoughts that these will have more powerful impact if said in person, however can have a important impact over message as well.

>You’re beautiful!” This one is simple, but sweet. It can really make a girl feel confident about herself and place a smile on her face.

>I love your bright eyes!” This compliment makes her feel special because it compliments her specifically on her eyes and makes you appear caring and observant. Specific compliments are always mores sincere because it show that you notice the small things about her.

>I love the way your hair rests on your shoulders so nicely!” Many girls spend a large amount of time styling their hair to look the way it does. By saying this compliment, you make her feel like her hard work pays off and she will appreciate it greatly.

>Your smile can light up any room!” This one will make her feel good about being happy. It will make her feel like her smile is beautiful and she will smile more around you knowing that you enjoy it.

>I would trade anything to spend a moment with you!” An all time classic. This one will make her feel like you truly appreciate the time you get with her and will make her feel like she’s fun to be around. It could even make her want to spend more time with you!

These are five things that can truly enlighten a girl’s mood. The more specific a compliment is, the more significant it will be to the girl, so try to notice the little things about her. I hope these suggestions helped in finding the right thing to impress your crush!