Friday, October 9, 2015

Some reasons Why Men Tell Lies-01

 Because a lot of females can’t manage the fact.

One of the greatest factors why men lie, or experience the need to lie, is because they experience like being truthful just results in backlash or harm emotions even when there is no ill objective behind it (i.e. Woman: “honey do you think I obtained some weight” Man: “yeah I think you could hit the gym a little harder”). If it isn’t what the lady “wants” to listen to, then men run the chance of spending a cost for their loyalty..

I have even been informed by some females that they rather have men lie to them, rather than be harm by the fact. Crazy factor is, once the lie is found it’s not like they go saying thanks to the man from trying to “protect her” from the discomfort. Their response is still never a excellent one so the reasoning doesn’t add up. Some men would really like to be more sincere, but if you are going to turn out when he does, he figures what’s the point.

They Lie When They Wish For Sex

Most men understand that basically saying all he wants is sex is not always the most beneficial strategy to getting it. It may work sometimes, but generally it will continue to work against him. This is why men lie to get through to have it on.

I know it’s not right, but can you females really be amazed when men take this path. Especially when he recognizes you cope with people that weren’t value your efforts and effort basically because they realized how to tell you what you desired to listen to.So he then seems the need to offer you a desire to get what he really wants. Some men will go as far as enjoying the “boyfriend” part when there is no objective of ever being serious with you. Sex can be a highly effective medication, and provided that there are men who want it bad enough, then this will always be one of the factors why men lie.